Going to School

In  past articles we have spoken about the different activities we have realized in the Center, visits of a certain importance, games… Now we are going talk about what we do “outside” the Center, which are our classes.

Going to school with scholbags on their backs   (Photo Lar S. Jerónimo)

It is true that some of us have had some formation in the installations of the Centre last year, some classes of Alphabetization (actually we have all succeeded in passing “Ensino Geral”) and others  did a type of professional course in our now famous,  Emiliani Center for Professional Formation , but now all of us are going to study outside.

Actually we are divided in five different educational centers: four inside the so called “Ensino Geral” (General Education) and the fifth, situated in the center of Beira, with the more specific task of preparing for young people for the world of work and is called the Industrial and Commercial School. This school offers as well, as subjects available in “Ensino Geral” others much more specific to each profession chosen by the students, with the number of hours in common subjects, for the moment, superior than the specific courses, chosen by our companions, such as the Electrical Course and the Car Mechanics Course.

Los de la Escuela Industrial
Students of the Industrial School

If these have the furthest to go to study, each day they have to catch the “chapa”, that is how the public transport minibus of 15 seats is called. The last to arrive at the Center, because of the timetable, are those who study the nearest, in the nearby “Escola Primária de Matadouro” (Slaughterhouse Primary School). Do not be afraid of the name, nobody is killed. The name, the same as our street name (which, in the end, is just a dirt track) comes from the name of our neighborhood, which gets the name because that is where the Municipal Slaughterhouse has always been. To arrive at the school we have to pass by it, which is about 200m. distancefrom our house.

From home to the “Matadouro” Primary School is a short walk

A little further away is what we call the “Colégio”, at least that is what is written on the wall at the entrance, in the neighborhood called “Chamba”. It is here that some ofus go in the morning(Primary) and others in the afternoon (Secondary). In this way, as in nearly all Educational Centers, there are different turns, usually three; in this way it is possible to get the maximum usage out of the installations. Thus it is possible to offer academic formation to a wide range of children, teenagers and young people in these lands.

Nos vamos al Colégio (de Chamba)
We go to the “Colegio” (from Chamba)

We complete the list with Our Lady of Peace Secondary school (within the grounds of our parish ,of the same name) and John XXIII school here again there are differ turns , but here it is the reverse Secondary for the morning and Primary for the afternoon. As it is somewhat far, we have to use the school transport minibus, which takes to and brings us home each day. At mid-day, just after lunch, it takes the smaller kids to school and drops off the older ones , who get on with their tasks. It is the hour of “  Carrinha! ,  Carrinha ! “  Everybody should be on their toes!!
The educators are also studying, they go to the University to continue their formation, once again, some in the morning others in the afternoon.
In these day we have begun the 3rd trimester “Ensino Geral” and will shortly receive our report cards and will see the results of our efforts, although there are always  those with more luck (or possibilities) than others. Now we have to prepare for the last push and be able to obtain good results at the end of the academic year.
In the next article we will describe how the courses are organized: classes, exams, subjects, activities, way of evaluating, holidays ….. and everything else that occurs to us.



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