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After a long School year, finally the holidays arrive. We take this opportunity to honor the commitment we made in the previous article, in it we said we would write on how the classes areorganized.

The school year, always talking aboutGeneral Education “EnsinoGeral” , begins in the second half of January or early February and ends in late October.

In the courtyard just before entering class / LSJ

In the courtyard just before entering class / LSJ

It is divided into three terms, each with its corresponding holiday period, usually one weekafter the first term, two weeks after the second term and the third ends with the school holidays of around two and a half to threemonths.

The numbering of the courses iscontinuous, going from 1 to 12,they are called“1st Class” to “12th Class”. There is a division in thePrimary school: divided into two parts or “cycles”The first covers from 1st to 5th and the second covers the years 6 and 7. Then Secondary education (ESG)begins, which includes grades 8 to 10 º and then Education (Ensino) Pre-university indicated the letters EPU. Students have to take exams at the end of the various cycles, corresponding to the 5th, 7th, 10th and 12thcourses.

These exams are done in the same school or college, a few days after finishing classes, which is in the month of November, but if you get a higher that averagegrade you do not have to sit the exams. It’s not easy, but every year some of us get it.

A test day/ LSJ

A test day/ LSJ

The first course starts with the minimum age of 6 years, or to reach that age before the end of June. While some colleges and schools offer the possibility of attending two preschool courses, what we call “Pre-School” or, colloquially “Pre”.

In a provisional class to accommodate more children/ LSJ

In a provisional class to accommodate more children / LSJ

When one begins to study later (with a somewhat advanced age), it is possible to go to the “Adult Education” or Literacy courses. They last three years, and are equivalent to first grade. Several of us have done it this way and the truth and, s that we do well.

At the same time there are the Industrial Schools which have their own pace and do not agree with the rest, usually no more than than sharing end of school year holidays. They also have a month off mid-year.

Waiting for the school bus/ LSJ

Waiting for the school bus / LSJ

As for class sizes  … Normally not less than fifty, in some, mostly in  the secondary schools ,   you can reach and sometimes pass the hundred mark , due to, as you can imagine, the large number of students and the shortage educational centers to meet that demand. To take full advantage of the facilities, virtually all schools have (the majority) three shifts, with four hourly   lessons per course.

We arrive at home/ LSJ

We arrive at home/ LSJ

Some asked us about the subjects  …  They are mostly the same as exist in much of the educational systems of any country, with some subjects chosen by each center, such as:

music, religion, psychology (EPU) … and  some special subjects that we have been told do not exist in other countries: agriculture  what we call “agropecuaria” and “oficio” which is related to  partnership’s and various manual tasks in school.

And so withmany things stillto tell, but we will not make this too long. You know that you can ask us questions and comments through this same medium (Web), and we will try to answer. And now, to pick up the results of the work of the school year, which we hope is good.

Preschoolers / LSJ

Preschoolers / LSJ



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